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(Hier gehts zur deutschsprachigen Version !)

This app supports the learning of all kinds of 'word' to 'word' contents (e.g. vocabulary) offline.

Correct answers are shifted into an 'ok'-list, wrong ones will be asked again until learned.

Tapping the question gives a hint to support learning.

If you use the 'save' option the app will load this 'learnlist.csv' at it's next launch and you may continue learning.

The 'records'-option shows the results of the last 3 exercises which are cached for the next launch.

You may create your own list by editing the template. To delete a single pair just delete both entries and tap 'ok'.

In the template or by choosing the 'Ok and edit next'-button, deleting is supported by default.

You may also use other lists: just copy them inside the 'LearnTgDB' folder as 'learnlist.csv'.

The seperators in this .csv file are a ',' between the words and a '.' after each pair.

The words themselves have to be put inside two " -signs and the first pair of this .csv contains the titles.

This version of LearnToGo needs a minimum of 9 pairs to run and supports 50 pairs with a length up to 40 characters.

More features? There will be an advanced version of this app soon!

In case of problems, remarks or questions concerning this app don't hesitate to post them here

or send an email to webmaster[at]knoopnet.de.


1.1.2 released 26.Jun.2011

crash reports: none

known issues: none

1.1.8 released 11.Oct.2011

- minor optical changes

- preparation for the webOs 3.0.4 update

crash reports: none

known issues: none

and here are two screenshots of the app:

Further questions and remarks? Email: webmaster[at]knoopnet.de

LearnToGo - Hilfe

Liebe WebOs-Freunde: LearnToGO ist die freie TouchPad-Version eines Lernprogrammes um 'Wort-zuWort' Bedeutungen (v.a. bei Vokabeln o.ä.) auswending zu lernen.

Kritik, Anregungen oder Verbesserungsvorschlägen zu dieser App können gerne per Email (webmaster[at]knoopnet.de) oder in folgendem Forum geäußert werden:

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Weitere Fragen und Hinweise auch gerne an: webmaster[at]knoopnet.de