Free webOs apps to provide more productivity or fun (and their advanced versions for 99 cent).

From this main support site you may reach the sites introducing the following webOS apps:

the smartphone app overview is here and the apps specially designed for the TouchPad are

>> 4tPadCalculator

  a free TouchPad Calculator
>> 4tPcalculator Pro

the advanced version of "4tPadCalc"
optimized for a larger touchscreen
a full featured scientific calculator

>> thinFileViewer

free file browser utility
>> ThinFileEditor

   advanced version of "thinFileViewer"
shows / launches files from tPad user folder
also edit / save text and html files offline

>> LearnToGo

free learning utility
>> coming 2012

   advanced version of "LearnToGo"

Please send an email

if you have more ideas

how to improve this app!
suited for offline use
easy handling of more 'learnlists'

Soon there will also be '3 senses', a small game to train your short-term memory.

And these are the apps specially developed for webOS smartphones:

>> 2lineCalc

the free version of "3lineProCalc"
>> 3lineProCalc

the advanced version of "2lineCalc"
gui 3lineProCalc
a touchscreen optimized calculator
a full featured scientific calculator

>> 2veerCalc

  free pixi/veer-optimized calculator
>> 4veerCalc

  scientific  pixi-optimized  calculator
gui 4veerCalc-Picture
a touchscreen optimized calculator
a full featured scientific calculator

>> FinaMath08

    the free version of "FinMathPro"  
>> FinMathPro

the advanced version of "FinaMath08"
for calculating savings and deposits  for easy calculating financial tasks

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last edit: 16.11.2011