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2lineCalc - Help-Page

(Hier gehts zur deutschsprachigen Version !)

Note: This is the free version of "3lineProCalculator". 2lineCalc has nearly the same user interface but no advanced functions.

Please support the further developing of a WebOs-optimized Calculator (and other apps) by downloading "3lineProCalculator" here - thanks in advance!

In case of problems, remarks or questions concerning this app don't hesitate to send an email (webmaster[at]knoopnet.de) or post it here:



1.0.1 released 6.Nov.2010

crash reports: none

known issues: some users with english as system language reported 2 button label problems ( [a..] instead of [ans], and [r..] instead of [rnd])
workaround: none, may be this depends on the language font, Palm Dev Support informed me that it only happens in this app (?!)

- in Version 1.0.2 the [ans] Button will be named [dip] (which is half a letter shorter in proportional fonts)
- in Version 1.0.2 the [rnd] Button will be placed beside the display line as a list-button

1.0.2 released 8.Nov.2010

- [dip] Button instead of [ans]
- [Round:..] List-Button instead of [rnd]
- new [const./conv.] List-Button for constants and conversion shortcuts
- "floating" edit-field handling for long inputs (>90 digits/letters)

crash reports: none

known issues: some users asked for an easier handling of negative numbers (instead of -1*y)

1.0.3 released 29.Nov.2010

- option to send history entry via e-mail or sms
- access to online conversion overview (see here)
- new autoAC option
- option for button-vibration
- easier handling of negative numbers

crash reports: none

known issues: one anonymous report of failing installation. Since this isn't reproduceable and didn't happen in more than 6000 other downloads it seems to be a hardware or connection problem.

1.0.4 released 15.Dec.2010

- shortcut for basic numeric conversion
- new launcher icon
- direct access to a german online help website

crash reports: none

known issues: very big (or small) results with exponents (e.g. 2.34e+26 or 4.56e-33) don't fit in the display. Altough handling of big results is a feature of "3lineProCalculator" the will be a fix soon.

1.0.8 released 14.Mar.2011

- results with exponents (e.g. 2.34e+26 or 4.56e-33) now fit in the display
- german app description in the app catalog

crash reports: none

known issues: none

1.1.2 released 14.Aug2011

- fixed typo in litre/pint conversion (sorry if someone got drunk because of this)
- improved bracket handling

crash reports: none

known issues: none

1.1.6 released 30.Sep.2011

- support for Pre3 resolution
- minor optical improvements

crash reports: none

known issues: none

and here are two screenshots of the app:



With this 2lineCalc I tried to develop a calculator that uses the advantages of the WebOs-related touchscreen in a more convenient way.

It provides a two-line edit field where you can tap your "formula" (according to the usual algebraic notation) first and then tap the  [=] -button.
The formula is cached in the "history" and the result may be transfered directly in the editfield or the y-memory for further calculations

The user interface is divided in three parts:

Display line


New List-Buttons since Version 1.0.2:

[Round:..] (former [rnd] in Version 1.0.1) sets the digits dispayed after the point .

[const./conv.] access to some constants / shortcuts for some conversions

These are the other "special" buttons:

[Sto] puts the number from the display line in the y-memory

[Rcl] represents the value of the y-memory in the editfield-formula

[^2] squares the number

[up] moves one step back in the editfield-history

[dn] moves one step forward in the history

[del] delets the character in front of the cursor

[AC] delets the editfield

[<<] moves the cursor one step to the left

[>>] moves the cursor to the right

[(-)]  useful if you want to square negative numbers

[dip]  ( former [ans] in Version 1.0.1) inserts the number from the display line in the editfield

[=]  puts the result of the editfielt into the display line

Useful hints:

the background of using the y-memory was to implement a basic "programming" feature and make recursive calculations possible.
e.g. to see the growing of a yearly saving of 500$ at the and of each year with 4% interest you can tap:
"500 = Sto AC y*1,04+500 =" and get the closing capital for the 2. year. now just repeat "Sto =" and you'll get the following year

Further questions and remarks? Email: webmaster[at]knoopnet.de

2lineCalc - Hilfe

Liebe WebOs-Freunde: "2lineCalc" ist die freie Version des wissenschaftlichen Taschenrechners "3lineProCalc".

Bitte unterstützt die weitere Entwicklung dieser  (und anderer Apps) durch den Download von "3lineProCalc" - Vielen Dank vorab.

Kritik, Anregungen oder Verbesserungsvorschlägen zu dieser App können gerne per Email (webmaster[at]knoopnet.de) oder in folgendem Forum geäußert werden:



2lineCalc soll eine Taschenrechner-Variante sein, die die Möglichkeiten des WebOs-Touchscreen optimal nutzt, ohne die User mit zu viel Optionen zu belasten.

Diese App arbeitet mit einem Eingabefeld "editline" in der zunächst die Zahlen und Zeichen den Rechenregeln entsprechend eingegeben werden.
Nach dem Drücken der  [=] -Taste wird dann das editfield in die "history" übernommen und das Ergebnis im Display-Feld dargestellt.
Dies kann dann in den y-Speicher und/oder in das editfield übernommen werden.

Das Benutzerinterface teilt sich in 3 Teile (Screenshot der Version 1.0.2):





Tastenbeschreibung ab Version 1.0.2:

[Round:..] (ehemals [rnd] in Version 1.0.1) legt die Anzahl der Nachkommastellen fest.

[const./conv.] einfügen von mathem. Konstanten / shortcuts für einige Umrechnungen

Eine kurze Beschreibung der besonderen Tasten:

[Sto] speichert die Zahl aus der Display-Zeile im y-memory

[Rcl] das im editfield angezeigte y steht für die Zahl im Speicher

[^2] quadriert die vorhergehende Zahl

[up] einen Schritt zurück in der editfield-history

[dn] einen schritt vorwärts in der history

[del] löscht das zeichen links vom Cursor

[AC] löscht das ganze editfield

[<<] verschiebt den cursor ein Zeichen nach links

[>>] ein Zeichen nach rechts

[(-)]  Klammerassistenz z.B. zum korrekten Quadieren negativer  Zahlen

[dip]  (bei anderen TR: [ans]) übernimmt die Zahl aus der Display-Zeile ins editfield

[=]  stellt das Ergebnis des editfields in der Display-Zeile dar

Weitere Fragen und Hinweise bitte an: webmaster[at]knoopnet.de